A Focus on the Beginning

Choose Not To Use will be rolling out the Chris Herren film, The First Day, and lesson plans in Jordan High School and Jordan Middle School in 2023.

Chris Herren, former professional basketball player, author and wellness advocate has shared his story of recovery with over 1 million people nationwide.

The First Day film chronicles this journey revealing Herren’s vulnerability and his profound connections with middle and high school students who in turn have shared their stories of struggle and strength.

Through the power of storytelling, The First Day addresses what school systems, communities and people across the country are impacted by, directly or indirectly, each day including substance use, other harmful behaviors and mental wellness.

This program is powerful, impactful and is not a “doom and gloom” way of teaching. Mr. Herren instead concentrates on “why” people use and feel the need to use. He also addresses bullying.

What is the Cost?

Choose Not To Use has purchased the program, which consists of The First Day film and 4 lesson plans.

This program is available to all Scott County middle and high schools, and is free of charge to them.

We Need to Ask the Question “Why”

“When we ask someone to think of a picture of a person suffering from the disease of addiction, they think of someone on their last day. Each person started their life just like you. Full of hope and choices that lead them on their path. We need to ask the question Why? The “Why” is the beginning. It’s about feeling comfortable in your skin and making choices to be the best you.”
-Chris Herren

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