Mission Statement

The mission of Choose Not To Use is to provide individuals and families with the resources to live healthy, fulfilling lives by preventing substance misuse/abuse and creating resilient communities. Our goals are to provide resources, guidance, and support for individuals and families to receive the education they need to help with substance misuse/abuse and/or to prevent it. Additionally, we are committed to reducing the financial burdens of substance use on law enforcement, schools, local government agencies, families and the environment in an effort to provide livable, healthy and safe communities for the citizens of Scott County.

Rebrand to CNTU

We rebranded from the Scott County Meth Task Force to ChooseNotToUse (CNTU) in 2017. The purpose of the rebrand was to focus on all substance use and not just meth.

Our mission is much as the same as before. To educate K-12 and the community about the dangers of substance use and to provide them with the tools they need to say no to substance use.

Participants over
the years

Commissioner, Sheriff, County Attorney, City Administrators, Public Health, Medical Director, Court Administrator, Judges, Superintendents, Alternative School Officials, Community Corrections, Fire Department, Police Chiefs, Environmental Health, Foster Care, Faith Community Officials, Hospital Officials, Citizens, Chemical Health Counselors, CAP Agency, Mental Health, Local High School Students, DEA, Library, Recovering meth addicts, Communications Coordinator.


Main Meth Task Force Group

Education/Community Outreach; marketing to the community

Analysis Work Group; statistics on meth impact in Scott County

Ordinance Work Group


Take it to the Box

Initial Idea came from Jennifer Deschaine (May, 2010); she proposed it could be done through the Meth Task Force.

The program offers residents a convenient way to safely dispose of unused prescriptions, illegal street drugs and over-the-counter medications.  The program is offered through a partnership of the Scott County Meth Task Force (now CNTU), the Scott County Sheriff’s Office, and local city police departments

We have provided boxes to the Scott County Sheriff’s Office as well as Savage, Belle Plaine, Jordan, New Prague, Prior Lake and New Market.

Kick-off date June 1, 2011.

Please contact Jayme Carlson at 952-496-8534 with any questions.

CLIMB Theatre

Began partnering with CLIMB in 2006.

When Scott County experienced a troubling rise in meth-related prosecutions, we called on CLIMB Theatre and they developed the performance titled Shattered.  When heroin use began to increase, we again turned to CLIMB and they developed the performance titled Twisted Ride (to Nowhere) (started 2012-13 school year).  The performances are followed up with classroom discussions regarding the issues that were portrayed in the performances.

These both were and still are honest, powerful pieces that lead students to want to steer clear of meth and heroin, as well as the gateway drugs that lead to their use.

CLIMB added presentations to the JAF since the spring of 2010.

CLIMB added Gateway drug presentations in 2009.

CLIMB also presented in local communities in the evenings for parents/citizens.  They also presented to MVEC for their employees (2007).  CLIMB actors were at the Scott County Fair and did vignettes for those attending the fair.

We discontinued our partnership with Climb Theatre in 2018.

Golf Fundraiser

2007 was the first year of the Golf Fundraiser.

The fundraiser is held at Stonebrooke Golf Course on the first Friday
after Labor Day.

To date we have raised over $537,005.25.

We are a qualified charitable organization.

Marketing Campaigns:

Billboards throughout Scott County

Ads at the movie theatre

Radio Station Ads

Bathroom Ads

Facebook Page

chooselifenotmeth.com Website



In November 2005, the Scott County Board of Commissioners adopted an ordinance (No.25) “Cleanup of Clandestine Drug Lab Sites”

Various community events:

Winter Wellness, Shakopee

Community Fest, Prior Lake-Savage

SMSC Wellness Fair, Prior Lake

Rotary and Lions Club Meetings

Scott County Fair

DARE dance

Prior Lake Chemical Health week

Spoke on KCHK radio

Presentation to Med Surg Nurses at St. Francis Hospital

Countless presentations

Future Leader’s

Marketing Materials:

Chooselifenotmeth.com Pens, shirts, bracelets, book marks, re-useable grocery bags

Brochures:  The Ugly Truth, Breaking the habit, Don’t Lose Yourself, Take it to the Box, Marijuana, Heroin

Take it to the Box Pens & Magnets, re-useable grocery bags 


CNTU has pens, hats, lanyards, t-shirts and pop sockets.

Have you seen us?

Check out our new billboards at Hwy. 169 S. and 150th St. (near Sever’s Corn Maze) and at Hwy. 169 S. near Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store.
This is another way that Choose Not To Use continues to get the message out about the importance of keeping drugs away from children!

Anti-Vaping Posters

In 2019, CNTU worked with Public Health and provided sets of 5 Anti-Vaping posters to the following schools:

Jordan Middle (2 sets)

Jordan High

Twin Oaks

Hidden Oaks

Belle Plaine Middle

Eagle Ridge Middle

Southwest Metro/Oasis Program

These were all paid for by CNTU.

Anti-Heroin Video Contest

In July 2014, a video contest was offered to all Scott County High Schools to engage students to put together a video focusing on an anti-heroin message.

First Place $4,000, Prior Lake-Savage, Second Place $2,000, Belle Plaine High School and Third Place $1,000, Shakopee High School


Excellence Award from Minnesota Association of Government Communicators (MAGC) 2007 Northern Lights Contest.

Ideas for the future:

Collaborate throughout County to aid in reducing drug use.

Update website (done in 2020).

Revive and market our message to the community regarding the dangers of drug use.

Take it to the Box; market it to all medical facilities, funeral homes, assisted living facilities and nursing homes.  Include sharps containers at all locations.  Get a box in Elko New Market.

Contests in the schools; Video, T-shirt design, etc.

Would you like to support Choose Not To Use?

Please contact Kathy Welter at 952-388-9750 or kwelter@co.scott.mn.us