About Us

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to educating and preventing the use of illegal drugs in K-12 children as well as the citizens of Scott County.  We believe providing people with the tools to say no is vital.  We also believe providing them with the education needed to make healthy lifestyle decisions is vital. In 2017, we initiated a new curriculum through Courage to Speak.  This is an ongoing program that provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to make healthy decisions and to resist the pressure to use drugs. This comprehensive drug prevention program incorporates lessons that address communication, decision-making, risk reduction, problem solving and goal setting to empower students to avoid illegal drug use.  The curriculums are social and emotional based, have mandatory parent involvement and are age appropriate.  Currently they are offered to 4th through 12th grade free of charge.  Jordan Elementary, Middle and High School, New Prague Middle and High School, Oasis Academy and River Valley Education Center have all implemented this program.  ChooseNotToUse sponsored the founder of Courage to Speak, Ginger Katz, to speak at Jordan High School on October 1, 2018. All middle and high school students from Jordan attended this amazing presentation, as well as several representatives from local school districts and police departments.  This curriculum is being offered, free of charge, to all Scott County elementary, middle and high schools.  Additionally, we are committed to reducing the financial burden illegal drug use creates on users, law enforcement, schools, legal government agencies, families and the environment in an effort to provide livable, healthy and safe communities for the citizens of Scott County.

Would you like to support Choose Not To Use?

Please contact Kathy Welter at 952-388-9750 or kwelter@co.scott.mn.us

Co-Chairs of the Scott County Drug Prevention Task Force

Ron Hocevar - Scott County Attorney

“As Scott County Attorney, I see firsthand the effects that illegal drug use has on law enforcement, government agencies, our communities and our citizens. It is the goal of ChooseNotToUse to educate and inform our youth about the dangers of illegal drug use and the negative impact it has on those that use. We all make choices in life and our hope is that you will choose not to use”
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Luke Hennen - Scott County Sheriff

“As your Sheriff, I have seen the negative effects of drug addiction on families, in our schools, in our community, and ultimately in our criminal justice system. The ChooseNotToUse partnership is one way for us to work together to improve the decision making of our youth through education.”
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Dave Beer - Scott County Commissioner

Addiction has extracted a terrible toll on our families, our loved ones, and our communities.  There’s a razor’s edge between experimentation with and complete dependence on illicit drugs; too many people are left to contend with addiction, poverty, illness, and even death – too many to bear, not to mention the lasting effects on those who love them, those who mourn them.  ChooseNotToUse is just one way, a positive way, we can work together to help end the scourge of addiction in Scott County through reaching our youth when it really matters. 

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Kathy Welter - Crime and Drug Prevention Coordinator

“Through our partnership with Courage to Speak, we make a concentrated effort to educate our youth about the dangers of illegal drug use.  Providing them with the tools to say no is vital.  If you do not try illegal drug use, you cannot become addicted.  Keeping the citizens of Scott County informed and educated about illegal drug use is part of our mission.  Choose Not To Use.”